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There Is Always Something Going On At The Red Wall Garden Hotel

We Showcase programs highlighting Chinese arts and culture

A variety of cultural programs highlighting Chinese arts and culture are weekly offered at the Red Wall Garden Hotel. Ranging from special events organized in the hotel, such as authentic Chinese musical performances or art exhibitions to show-cooking of heritage foods and calligraphy at the hotel's courtyard and public spaces.

Halloween : 31st October 2017

Halloween was a “Special Treat” this year at the Red Wall Garden Hotel. The wonderful staff dressed up for the occasion in Spooky gear bringing a new meaning to “Trick or Treat” in the Hutongs. A lot of fun was had by everyone including our Valued Customers and Staff. Traditional Pumpkin carving and tasty In-Room Treats were expertly prepared by our dedicated team of Chefs, creating just the right atmosphere to celebrate this Western Traditional Holiday.


Children’s Art Appreciation Party : 29th October 2017

Over the last 3 years, the hotel has fostered a relationship with the Children and Parents from the local Art-Play Art School. Every year the children and given projects to do which are showcased and on display throughout the Public Areas. These artworks display the creativity through the children’s eyes and some of the items are actually for sale. The proceeds are then awarded to one of the under privileged schools in Beijing each year. On the 29th October 2017 the Red Wall Garden Hotel held a special Awards Ceremony and awarded all the Children with Certificates of Appreciation for all their efforts.


Mid-Autumn Day Celebrations : 4th October 2017

On Wednesday October 4th, the Day of Mid-Autumn Festival, the Courtyard Bistro tailor-made a special feast of activities for all our valued guests. The celebrations included complimentary Autumn Treasures and Tea and Moon-Cake baking classes. All our customers started their delightful Chinese Culinary Journey in a truly unique and traditional outdoor setting, while enjoying 3 hours of non-stop Chinese Cultural Performances. All customers who dined in the Courtyard Bistro also received a special take home Mid-Autumn gift.


Beijing Design Week : 27th September – 3rd October 2017

The Red Wall Garden Hotel was excited to announce that it was once again selected as one of the lifestyle exhibition venues during the 2017 Beijing Design Week (BJDW), presenting a different lifestyle experience to its Customers and Patrons. “Cultural Experiences are one of the core values of the hotel. The inside décor features wall murals depicting traditional Hutong Culture, as well as artistic works from other renowned artists are on display throughout the hotel. We were delighted to have been included again this year, for the 3rd year running, as a host for one of the BJDW Lifestyle Exhibition Venues, and to be able to continually promote the Art and Design Culture within this great city of ours” - said Hotel General Manager - Mr. Gavin Rimmer.


September Weddings : September 2017

The Summer and Autumn time each year is a busy time for Weddings at the Red Wall Garden Hotel. Located in one of Beijing’s most Historical and Traditional Courtyard Hutong’s the Award Winning Red Wall Garden Hotel is an idyllic venue for your Wedding Day. A fusion of Modern Elegance and Classic Chinese Charm, our One Wedding Event Per Day Guarantee means that our focus will naturally be entirely on you ! With Luxurious and Diverse Accommodations and Event Facilities, bespoke menu options including both Traditional Chinese and Western Fare, the Red Wall Garden Hotel is one of the most sought after intimate venues in Beijing for couples to celebrate their Special Day. The First Day of the Rest of Your Lives……..Starts Here…...


Cultural Experience Staff Training : September 2017

During the months of August and September 2017 the staff at the Red Wall Garden Hotel embarked on Specialist Cultural Experience Training. Teachers and Masters were invited to the Hotel to guide and train the team on the Chinese Culture, Tradition and History relating to our Calligraphy, Tea House and Chinese Cooking Experiences. The Team were filled with knowledge and understanding different techniques and a lot of History. The team have used this training to gain confidence in imparting knowledge to our valued customers who partake in the many Cultural Experiences the Hotel has to offer.


Autumn BBQ : 14th August 2017

The Open-Air Kitchen in the Courtyard Bistro provides the perfect place to enjoy an Autumn BBQ with friends and Family. Our new BBQ Menu is bursting with Traditional Meats and Grilled Vegetables as well as a selection of Salads and Sweet Treats all prepared in the Open-Air Courtyard Kitchen. Menu Pricing starts at RMB268pp with a min. of 12 persons. Bookings are essential.


Lost Plate Food Tours : July 2017

If you are a foodie, if you love to explore the local food, so you cannot miss this out! Come to join us at the LostPlate Food Tour every Monday & Thursday at 18:30 p.m. starting from our hotel. Enjoy the local food at 4 seated eateries plus a pint of craft beer at a hip BBQ joint, all hidden within the hutongs of Beijing. Transportation is provided by private tuktuk stocked with cold beer and local guides provide insight into each dish, restaurant & hutong we visit. We will get you off the beaten path, truly away from the tourists, to eat where the locals eat. All while enjoying unlimited food, beer and zooming around small streets & alleyways to eat the best food at the most local places. Bookings are essential, 24 hrs in advance.


Mothers Day : Sunday 14th May 2017

To celebrate Mother's Day, last Sunday the Courtyard Bistro held a special “Fan Painting Cultural Workshop" for all our valued guests. All our Mothers and their families were invited to join in the fun and interactive activities. The Traditional Chinese Fan Painting Workshop had everyone captivated, including the children, as they created their own masterpieces under the guidance of our professional teacher. It was an afternoon of Traditional Chinese learning and all the proud participants got to take their works of art home with them.



Easter Sunday was a real treat at The Red Wall Garden Hotel, home of the Courtyard Bistro. All our valued customers were invited to join an afternoon of fun family activities. The Easter Egg Hunt kicked off the activities and the children and adults hurried to grab and find all the chocolate treats. Traditional Chinese Sugar Painting and the Easter Egg Painting Workshops had everyone captivated as they created their own mini works of Easter Art. It was an afternoon filled with family togetherness and everyone had a lot of fun.



The Courtyard Bistro features Open Stage Cultural Entertainment Nights showcasing an array of traditional Chinese entertainment.


12th MARCH 2017, 2017: Chinese Arbor Day | Love Wakes up in Spring

On Sunday 12th March 2017, the Courtyard Bistro invited our guests and their families to enjoy the wonderful Spring Sunshine in celebration of Chinese Arbor Day. All our guests were encouraged to plant and care for a tree under the guidance of our horticulturists. It was a great day and everyone had a lot of fun.


SEPTEMBER 25 – OCTOBER 7, 2016: Beijing Design Week

The Red Wall Garden Hotel has been selected as one of the exhibition venues during 2016 Beijing Design Week showcasing the development history of ceramics in China & the history of Shijia Hutong.


June 27 - July 6, 2016 : Xi’ An Food & Cultural Festival

Red Wall Garden Hotel announces the launch of Xi’ an Food & Cultural Festival presenting a feast of taste and culture from Northwestern China. This event was a celebration of Shannxi local culture, hosting traditional cultural performances, including Shadow Play, Shannxi Opera and Folk Music Play, all of which are interactive in nature.



September/October 2015: The Lifestyle Exhibition of 2015 Beijing Design Week

Red Wall Garden Hotel was set to be the lifestyle exhibition venue during the 2015 Beijing Design Week, showcasing an array of Chinese traditional art and cultural forms, including handmade tea set, flower decoration and traditional handmade paper techniques. Together with the historical Shijia Hutong area and the Shijia Hutong museum, Red Wall Garden Hotel aims to illustrate the cultural aspects of traditional and modern China.

Restaurant Mural Painting

May 2014: Restaurant Mural Painting

Talented local artists left their mark in our restaurant and painted a mural in a typical Chinese manner as can be found in other parts of our hotel.

Restaurant Mural Painting


Christmas is coming and the decorations are being strung to spark your festive spirit.

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Red Wall Garden Hotel.


NOVEMBER & DECEMBER: Hutong Photography Exhibition

During the months of November and December 2013 , the Red Wall Garden hotel held a a photography exhibition of a selection of photographers ; the subject was "Life in the Hutongs of Beijing". The Hutongs are the traditional ancient tree lined narrow lanes and aleys that are so characteristic and unique of Beijing.

Hutong Photography Exhibition

October 22 – 23: Children's art Exhibition

We enjoyed the visit of these young artists inspired to draw Chinese traditional elements in our hotel. It is our pleasure to support the school and to expose their art to our visitors giving them an alternative look into China from a child’s point of view.
The results were just amazing which you can admire in the adjacent picture gallery.

Children's art Exhibition

Saturday August 17th: InterNations Beijing

Internations (The leading network of expatriates worldwide) organized an event at the courtyard of the hotel. Nearly 200 attendees enjoyed a magnificent evening with cold drinks, a DJ spinning good music, a great crowd and of course the great ambiance of our hotel.

InterNations Beijing Event

July 6, 2013: FARMERS MARKET

Several local vendors selling organic products and handy-crafts. Nearly 500 visitors came through our courtyard to shop and also our hotel guests enjoyed to see and try local fresh products.



Different Events of the RWG Hotel
Different Events of the RWG Hotel
Different Events of the RWG Hotel
Different Events of the RWG Hotel